We’ve created our first CSR report

We’ve created our first CSR report

How would an economy look like, where the primary objective of economic activity is not the money, but the common good?

Following this questions I created my first common good bilance for my company qnipp – not alone, we’ve been a group of four entrepreneurs, who discussed the topics of the economy for the common good.  We rated our companies in the fields of human dignity, solidarity, environmental sustainability, social justice, democratic participation and transparency. We thought of the supply chain, the funders, the staff, the customers and the social environment.


Finally, a score is determined using a matrix, which is evaluated by an external auditor, who creates an official certificate. You can find an English translation of the matrix here.



So, I reached 483 of 1.000 points. For me, the score is not as important as the confrontation with the theme and the detection of fields for improvement.

The bilance


Gemeinwohl-Bilanz qnippThe Common Good Bilance (available in German) gives a deep insight into the company qnipp as well as into my role as founder and CEO. It is our first step towards Corporate Social Responsibility.


If you want to find out more about the economy for the common good, visit the website www.ecogood.org, which is also available in English.

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