Meteor boilerplates: an actual overview

Meteor boilerplates: an actual overview

You want to start a new Meteor project? Instead of starting from scratch with an empty directory and no packages, you could take an existing boilerplate. There’s no official boilerplate, but a number of them are provided by the community.

Meteor boilerplates

The list contains at least the link to the respective Github page. I haven’t tested them, as I created the list as starting point to find a suitable boilerplate for my next Meteor project.

Author Latest Commit Language Router Template Design SEO Autoform Table View User and roles administration CLI
Meteoris 11.11.2015 JavaScript Flow Blaze Bootstrap meteoris:grid-view
matteodem 24.09.2015 JavaScript Iron Blaze Semantic UI ms-seo orion
Differential 04.09.2015 JavaScript Iron Blaze Bootstrap blaze-meta
Differential 02.09.2015 JavaScript Iron Blaze Materialize blaze-meta
patrickocoffeyo 21.10.2015 JavaScript Iron Blaze
yogiben (MeteorFactory) 15.01.2016 CoffeeScript Iron Blaze Bootstrap ms-seo
webtempest 04.09.2015 CoffeeScript Flow Blaze Bootstrap
AdamBrodzinski 25.09.2015 JSX Flow React
joerobmunoz 23.12.2015 JavaScript Flow Blaze Materialize
cowFipps 27.11.2015 JavaScript Iron Blaze Materialize

And what else?


The boilerplate by @matteodem contains the command line utility orion to generate the folder structure for the application.

iron-cli is a scaffolding tool for Meteor, which generates the directory structure for Blaze templates, collections, routers, etc. (Tutorial)

Yeoman is a tool for all kinds of web applications, and Google finds various generators for Meteor applications, e.g. for Angular (very active project) and React.

Meteor Kitchen

A different approach ist taken by Meteor Kitchen. The complete application including views, models, navigation structure is generated by a single configuration file. Unfortunately, the project is not published as open source (yet).

My opinion

I’m still choosing the starting point. Let me know your opinion by commenting on this post.

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